Tuesday, December 28, 2010



Freak out to nature's call,
Crawl between legs, any legs and hide.

It's your birthday, they said.
But then you should be coming out from between legs, not crawling back in.

Are you upside down?

Sunday, December 12, 2010


You obviously can’t wait to get there. Once you’re there, there’s nowhere to go to except come back.
You drive there super fast because the curiosity is killing you.
You drive back super slow because now you’ve seen it all.
It pays to start things slowly, to wait till it builds up, to watch is carefully while it grows. On the other hand, waiting for it to come to you while you already have a thousand theories in your head about what it’s going to be like is terminal.

I choose the boring journey back over the death by curiosity, thank you very much.

The absurdest of things make perfect sense in the bathroom.

Your shower is an umbrella that rains. Inside you will find the first raindrops, leaking out of a tired mouth.
Pick out a toothbrush, any you like, and brush finely, and there still will be molecules of toothpaste that have remained since the last time you brushed. Mmm. Tastes oddly sweet. Must consider this for dessert.
Picking up your feet carefully off the ground, you sometimes wait till all the rain has soaked into the ground before you place your foot forward. That's very sensitive. We all have groundwater issues, don't we?
Heaped sand in corners looks tidy, and when it's wet it slips into the drain tries to get back to the ocean. Sweep it up clean. Let it go now. You've kept her for too long.
Oh look, fingertips are shriveled now. I told you not to soak the raisins for too long.
Th velcro towel is pulling the dreams out of my hair, and I can't do a thing.
Will my mind be empty and my head bald before I die?
Look into your shower for the last time, and hold the last drop there.

And now you want your bath back.

Friday, December 3, 2010

sit squarely on the floor and make things.

I'm making puppets,
Puppets and puppets my hands feel like making right now.
Some full of buttons, some full of beans.
Some just like that.