Friday, July 30, 2010


For now, just settle with dessert, she said. I sat on the edge of the bed, yes, watching her carefully as she spooned some into my plate.
I silently began eating.
The thought of it being old or stale never crossed my mind. Nor did that of it being poisoned. I just ate, sometimes opening my mouth to taste the air on my tongue.
The time was that I didn't spend too long on it.
Chewing fast, I finished it quickly. It was starting to get dark.
Could I leave now, I asked.
I didn't remember the taste of what i had eaten for lunch.
Sitting in the sun makes you dizzy sometimes, she said. It's dark now, i pointed out.
She nodded, turning suddenly and fixed her eyes on my eyebrows.
Go now, she said brightly, still looking at me.
And don't forget to come for dessert tomorrow.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

start and stop

fame and memory
poems and celery
meaning making
footsteps and grumbling.
enter and exit
shame and gore
filth and riches
froth and barnacles
Jeeves and I
Polly and Sue
sequins ans sequoias
memphis and heartbreak
travel and fungus
dithering and blubblering
shankar and meera
beeps and yucks
shambles and dancing
meanings and monkeying
uniform loudness.
Hurt and laughing
jeering and kissing
spikes are hard
heels are soft.
fast and doleful
many and many
mottled brows,
furrowed in grief.
keep this safe.
let me know.
whining madly
loving madder
yap and snap
chip and stack
oppose and deny
lame and throw
hunger and famish
fabricated and issued
kindled for, cared for.
stuck along. grabbed a bite.
saved a goal. run a race.
sweep and break
flit and fame
from and for
ever again, never after.
pointless sounds
noismaking benefits
taxes and shutters
breathing largly
undulating body
rain in crevices
sleet and sleep.
finish and exit.